School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences

Sl. No. Name Designation Contact No. Email View Profile
Faculty at School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences
1 Dr. Prafulla Nandi Professor 9910076720 [email protected] View Profile
2 Dr. Chandra Sekhar Patro Professor 08331887509 [email protected] View Profile
3 Gurudutta Pattnaik Professor 9437280622 [email protected] View Profile
4 Dr Kirtimaya Mishra Professor 9944937088 [email protected] View Profile
5 Dr. NITYANANDA SAHOO Professor 9337351009 [email protected] View Profile
6 Dr. Prafulla Kumar Sahu Professor 8121139575 [email protected] View Profile
7 Dr. Pratap Kumar Patra Associate Professor 9177261901 [email protected] View Profile
8 Dr. Himansu Bhusan Samal Associate Professor 9493393994 [email protected] View Profile
9 Mr. Satya Narayan Tripathy Associate Professor 09861161188 [email protected] View Profile
10 Dr. Gopal Krishna Padhy Associate Professor 6370170230 [email protected] View Profile
11 Dr. Saripilli Rajeswari Associate Professor +919652105582 [email protected] View Profile
12 Dr. Ashirbad Nanda Associate Professor 9777533626 [email protected] View Profile
13 Santosh Kumar Ranajit Associate Professor 09703447276 [email protected] View Profile
14 Mr. Satish Kanhar Associate Professor 91-9437694459 [email protected] View Profile
15 Dr. Bikash Ranjan Jena Associate Professor 08639431464 [email protected] View Profile
16 Abinash Patra Assistant Professor 7750877531 [email protected] View Profile
17 Dharmendra pradhan Assistant Professor 8249602085 [email protected] View Profile
18 Himansu Sekhor Panda Assistant Professor 9348154933 [email protected] View Profile
19 SUJAY KUMAR PARIDA Assistant Professor 7978621120 [email protected] View Profile
20 Mr Sanjeeb Kumar Sahoo Assistant Professor 9692927258 [email protected] View Profile
21 Suman Kumar Mekap Assistant Professor 09438316431 [email protected] View Profile
22 Rakesh Meher Assistant Professor 9124020530 [email protected] View Profile
23 Dr. Ranjan Kumar Sahoo Assistant Professor 8801301176 [email protected] View Profile
24 NAGESWAR PANDA Assistant Professor 7008297415 [email protected] View Profile
25 Roop Ranjan Rath Assistant Professor 8917265732 [email protected] View Profile
26 SUCHARITA BABU Assistant Professor 8637291897 [email protected] View Profile
27 Rasmita Jena Assistant Professor 09777643666 [email protected] View Profile
28 K Shyam Sundar Rao Assistant Professor 7749936023 [email protected] View Profile
29 Anima Jena Assistant Professor 9154391240 [email protected] View Profile
30 Binapani Barik Assistant Professor 7504915935 [email protected] View Profile
31 Subrat Lenka Assistant Professor 8658397760 [email protected] View Profile
32 OM PRAKASH PANDA Assistant Professor 9861001050 [email protected] View Profile
33 Mr. Biswajeet Acharya Assistant Professor 7008144849 [email protected] View Profile
34 Diptimayee Jena Assistant Professor 7008825597 [email protected] View Profile
35 AYUSHI PRADHAN Assistant Professor 8328881514 [email protected] View Profile
36 JAYSHREEMAA BISWAL Assistant Professor 9337870883 [email protected] View Profile
37 Mrs. DAVID BLESSING RANI J Assistant Professor 7032561419 [email protected] View Profile
38 Roja Sahu Assistant Professor 8455876767 [email protected] View Profile
39 Jyoshna rani Dash Assistant Professor 8639534629 [email protected] View Profile
40 Mr. SWARNAJEET TRIPATHY Assistant Professor 9658344939 [email protected] View Profile
41 Prasanna Parida Assistant Professor 9564293270 [email protected] View Profile
42 Dr. Dinesh Kumar Sharma Assistant Professor 9406096151 [email protected] View Profile
43 Shuvashree Meher Assistant Professor 7008168410 [email protected] View Profile
44 Abhisek Sahu Assistant Professor 7008478136 [email protected] View Profile
45 Durga Prasad Mishra Assistant Professor 7978970842 [email protected] View Profile
46 GNYANA RANJAN PARIDA Assistant Professor 8908670526 [email protected] View Profile
47 Sanghamitra Satapathy Assistant Professor [email protected] View Profile
48 Sidhartha Parida Assistant Professor 8260045825 [email protected] View Profile
49 Debasis patra Assistant Professor 86558884037 [email protected] View Profile
50 Mr.HARA GOURI MISHRA Assistant Professor 7894912012 [email protected] View Profile
51 SANGHAMITRA SATAPATHY Assistant Professor 08917343023 [email protected] View Profile
52 Shubhashree Das Assistant Professor 9937772257 [email protected] View Profile
53 Ashirbad Nanda Assistant Professor [email protected] View Profile
54 Dr. Rasmita Dash Assistant Professor 8895950362 [email protected] View Profile
55 Mr. Vijaya Kumar Meher Assistant Professor 9589362773 [email protected] View Profile
56 Jyoti Prakash Guru Assistant Professor [email protected] View Profile
57 MR. YASHWANT GIRI Assistant Professor 9304337172 [email protected] View Profile
58 Rupali Rupasmita Rout Assistant Professor 7008976674 [email protected] View Profile
59 Shyama Sundar Sahu Assistant Professor 9348648790 [email protected] View Profile
60 Aradhana Panigrahi Assistant Professor 9078328051 [email protected] View Profile
61 Ashish Kumar Meher Assistant Professor 8249080272 [email protected] View Profile
62 Pallishree Bhukta Assistant Professor 8249426409 [email protected] View Profile
63 Sailaja Sahu Assistant Professor 9043693155 [email protected] View Profile
64 Ms. Kamini Sethy Assistant Professor 6370184717 [email protected] View Profile
65 Hrudesh Priyadarsan Sahoo Assistant Professor 9178073202 [email protected] View Profile
66 Mr. BISWARANJAN DAS Assistant Professor 7735206466 [email protected] View Profile
67 BINAYAK MISHRA Assistant Professor 7377554705 [email protected] View Profile
68 Ms. BABITA ADHIKARY Assistant Professor 9777248382 [email protected] View Profile
69 Bishnupada Biswal Assistant Professor 6300154613 [email protected] View Profile
70 Subhashree Pramanik Assistant Professor 9327229732 [email protected] View Profile
71 SWAGATIKA DAS Assistant Professor 9337169903 [email protected] View Profile
72 Dr. Sukumar Purohit Assistant Professor +91-8134031067 [email protected] View Profile
73 Mr. Deepankar rath Assistant Professor 7008211184 [email protected] View Profile
74 Jogendra Kumar YVV Assistant Professor 8144582282 [email protected] View Profile
75 Dr. Nihar Ranjan Kar Assistant Professor 7008786645 [email protected] View Profile
76 SOUMYASHREE TRIPATHY Assistant Professor 9337948956 [email protected] View Profile
77 LADI ALIK KUMAR Assistant Professor 9861875762 [email protected] View Profile
78 Gitali Sen Assistant Professor 8847845379 [email protected] View Profile
79 ANNANYA GANGOPADHYAY Assistant Professor 9123089509 [email protected] View Profile
80 Lipanjali badhei Lecture 9668018895 [email protected] View Profile
81 Guptanjali Sahu Lecture 6371482730 [email protected] View Profile